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RV Campsite

Illinois River RV Hookups & Camping Spots

As you camp with us, we invite you to pack your favorite snacks, provisions, and the family into your RV for the camping adventure of a lifetime. Escaping into the forest and being surrounded by spectacular scenery is just what you need to ease the burdens of work, homelife, and school work. At our campsite, we ensure exceptional vacations that restore your energy and revitalize your connection to your loved ones. 


While we have an excellent selection of cabins to choose from during your stay, we also allow you to take advantage of our RV hookups. We invite you to bring a little peace of home to the forest as you enjoy the stunning scenery, our extensive rentals, and lake activities. 


Camping should always be convenient, and we are happy to assist with hookups to make your trip that much easier. With luxuries such as easy kitchen and bathroom access, we help our customers make the most of their experiences hassle-free. Whether you are new to lake and river camping or are returning for endless fun with our campsite, we ensure a vacation you’ll never forget from the comfort of your very own RV.


When it comes to camping, Sparrowhawk hopes to promote positive encounters with the outdoors that leave you refreshed with the beauty of the outdoors and the health benefits of fresh air. Whether you come in an RV, pitch a tent, or rent a cabin, we want to supply the provisions necessary to make your stay refreshing and enjoyable.

Explore Nature’s Beauty at Sparrowhawk Camp

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