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Group Kayaking Trip
Floaters with family

Illinois River Kayaking & Float Rentals

Alongside kayaking and various lake activities, we foster community and tech-free experiences that cater to your relaxation and peace of mind. Campers young and old have the opportunity to pick up the art and technique of fishing, catching dinner along the way. We help you have fun on the lake fishing, no matter your skill level.

Kayak Rentals & Kayak Float Trips

While you can spend your time with us hiking, fishing, or sitting by the campfire, we insist you try floating in our serene waters, leaving your troubles behind you. Our site has a wide range of kayak and float rentals for the entire family. Our kayaks are the perfect solo activity and a chance for you to bond with fellow travelers surrounded by beauty. Spending time on the water during your next camping adventure with us is always beneficial. 


Kayaking is an excellent way to spend your summer downtime and a great source of exercise. Promoting an active lifestyle while filling your day with fun, our lake activities are always a success for each camper. No river or lake camping trip is complete without a dip in the water and a kayaking excursion with the whole family. 


Whether by land or water, our rental service and campgrounds foster fun, laughter, and quality time outside with the people you love most. With endless activities, places to explore, and ways to camp, we personalize your visit just for you and your preferences. Our goal is to make you fall in love with camping with our kayak rentals and gorgeous surroundings.

Explore Nature’s Beauty at Sparrowhawk Camp

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