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Father and Son Fishing

Check Out the Best Fishing Spots in Tahlequah, OK

As you plan your vacation, we encourage our guests to take advantage of the wide range of activities that we offer at our campsite. Included in our river activities, we help our visitors unwind, relax, and take time to catch up with their families by fishing. Those looking for the perfect fishing spot should look no further, as we have stunning lake views throughout our campgrounds.

Mother and son fishing together

Your Camping Trip Includes the Best Water Activities & Fishing

Alongside kayaking and various lake activities, we foster community and tech-free experiences that cater to your relaxation and peace of mind. Campers young and old have the opportunity to pick up the art and technique of fishing, catching dinner along the way. We help you have fun on the lake fishing, no matter your skill level.

Explore Nature With Our Scenic Fishing & Hiking Trails

We also have scenic hiking trails to help you get in your steps for the day. Whether you need time alone recharging or an excursion with the whole family, our campgrounds are located near some of the most beautiful trails. Novice and avid hikers alike will enjoy our trails that cover a variety of terrain around the grounds. No matter your preferences, we have countless fun things to do surrounded by nature. 


Our site welcomes campers to explore the grounds and experience a wide range of activities that pique their interests. Whether you enjoy relaxing by the campfire, kayaking, fishing, or spending time with family under the stars, we hope you make the most of your stay with life-long memories.

Explore Nature’s Beauty at Sparrowhawk Camp

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